The Hampshire Hilly Hundred

About us

The inspiration for the Hampshire Hilly Hundred was the successful first Circuit of the Cotswolds in 2005, which was devised and run by Jim Henderson with the help of other former members of Oxford University Cycling Club.

One of those helpers was Tim Wilks, who came away with the idea that his own training roads in Hampshire might make a great sportive route. Like other organisers of the new wave of UK sportives he was keen - desperate even - to do something to help rescue cycle sport in the UK.

It's hard to believe now - post-Beijing, post-London Olympics, post Sky success at Worlds and TdeF - that little more than a decade ago, road racing, time trialling and track were all in steep decline. We hoped maybe sportives might give cyclists more reason to keep riding for fitness and enjoyment. We didn't get as far as thinking that sportives might actually attract people into serious cycling!

The HHH is still put on every year by a network of friends. Most are lifelong cyclists but some aren't cyclists at all. As an entity, the HHH exists as a company limited by guarantee - no shareholders, no shares, no profits. Any surplus is held in the account for the next year. For HHH2014 and HHH2015, we ran a small deficit.

Getting on for half-a-million Hampshire Hilly Hundred miles have now been ridden. Most of those (according to reports) were pretty enjoyable and fulfilling. That was the idea.

The Hampshire Hilly Hundred Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 6866221. Registered office: 70 Shaftesbury Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1SD.