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Arran used to manage a bike shop.

Now he is Absolute Aqua. Each year he returns to dry land with his fantastic team to help make the HHH happen. Fancy a course in jet skiing, power boating, motor cruising or yachting?  Absolute Aqua is a RYA and Rescue 3 Europe marine training centre.  

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The same guys. If you need your hull antifouled, your gelcoat sealed, or your anode replaced - Absolute Aqua can do it.  We have no idea  what any of this means, but we are pleased to have brought you together. You will be in good (though possibly sticky) hands.

Simon has been on the HHH team from the very start, variously appearing as event photographer, feedstation supremo and mobile mechanic. In real life, he is one of the 3Men2, but which one we 're not sure. But we are very sure they are a stunningly good Marketing & Design agency, rocking it in Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Branding & Marketing. And no, they are not to blame for our own 'rather quaint' DIY Website.

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