The Hampshire Hilly Hundred

[0.0] LEFT at College gates
[0.6] L at T >Stockbridge (B3049)
[2.0] L >The Sombornes
[5.6] L on bend (no signpost)
[6.2] R at v >Ashley/Farley Mount
[9.5] R at fork (Farley Mount Rd)
[11.0] R at v (no signpost)
[11.1] R at T > Hursley (A3090)
[12.5] L >Otterbourne (Poles Lane)
(then pass under M3)
[14.8] R at mini-rbt (Main Rd) OTTRB'N
[15.4] L >Brambridge (Kiln Lane)
[16.6] R >Highbridge Rd (B3335) and:
[16.6] immediately L >(Church Lane)
[17.5] R at roundabout 3rd exit (B3354)
[18.0] L >(Hensting Ln) FISHERS POND
[20.3] R at X >Owslebury (White's Hill)
[20.8] L at v >(Ship Inn) OWSLEBURY
[21.5] R >Baybridge (Baybridge Lane)
[23.4] R >Upham and L >Woodcote
[24.7] L (no signpost)
[24.7] L at X >Winchester
[25.1] on at X >Alresford
[28.7] on at X >Cheriton/Alresford (B3046)
[29.5] L at T >Alresford (B3046) CHERITON
[31.5] L >W’chester (Spring Gdns) N. AL’SFORD
[32.1] on at X (Drove Lane)
[33.0] R at T (no signpost)
[33.5] L >Old Alresford (B3046)
[37.0] L >Northington
[37.4] bear L (at top of hill)
[38.0] R at X >East Stratton
[39.8] bear L at church, EAST STRATTON
[40.0] FEEDSTATION. Exit L and continue
[40.3] R at T >Popham (A33)
[40.5] L >West Stratton
[42.1] L >Micheldever Station
[43.0] R >Overton
[43.8] R >Popham Airfield
[44.1] L >Steventon/Deane
[44.9] bear R >Steventon
48.4] on at X (Deane Gate Inn) >Deane
[49.1] L at T >Ashe Warren
[49.7] R & L at staggered X >Kingsclere

[48.4] on at X (Deane Gate Inn) >Deane
[49.1] L at T >Ashe Warren
[49.7] R & L at staggered X >Kingsclere
[50.1] on at X >Kingsclere
[52.0] R at T >Kingsclere (B3051)
Route goes over White Hill
[54.9] L >Sydmonton KINGSCLERE
[55.0] R at T >Newbury (Fox’s Lane)
[55.2] L >Ecchinswell (Ecchinswell Rd)
[56.9] L >Sydmonton (Royal Oak) ECCHINSWELL
[58.1] on at X >Ashley Warren/Cole Henley
Route goes over Watership Down
[62.6] L at T >Kingsclere
[63.2] R (no signpost) (Twinley Lane)
[64.6] L at fork (no signpost) (Priory Lane)
[65.4] L at T (no signpost) LAVERSTOCK
[66.0] R >Micheldever Stn (Laverstock Lane)
[71.0] L at T >Micheldever Stn (A30)
[71.2] R at T (no signpost) (Overton Rd)
[72.0] L at X >Stratton (Larkwhistle Fm Rd)
[73.6] on at T to central reservation and R >W’chester
[74.4] L>East Stratton FEED STATION 400m
[74.9] L >King’s Worthy (A33)
[75.4] R >Micheldever
[76.5] on at V >Stoke Charity MICHELDEVER
[79.2] R at V >Norton WONSTON
[79.6] on at X >Norton
[80.7] R at T (no signpost) then:
[80.7] L >Bullington/Barton Stacey
[82.5] L at T BARTON STACEY then:
[82.5] R (at church) >Newton Stacey
[84.7] R at X >Andover(B3420)
[85.7] bear L >Andover(B3420)
[86.1] R at White Lion WHERWELL
[87.7] R at T >Andover (A3057)
[88.0] L >Goodworth Clatford
[88.4] L >Longstock (Longstock Lane)
[91.7] L (no signpost) (The Bunny) LONGSTOCK
[92.2] L (no signpost) (Leckford Lane, A3057)
[93.2] R (no signpost) (Winchester St) LECKFORD
[95.2] on at X (The Leckford Hutt)
[96.9] L (no signpost) (Stockbridge Rd, B3049)
[99.0] R >Sparsholt College
[99.6] R to enter College gates

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