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Time Standards


Please remember, sportives are not races, and these standards are set just for a bit of added interest. There are no prizes or medals awarded for fastest times.


The Super-Max standards are based on the standards established for HHH2010 but are modified to take into account changes in route length from year to year.


Here are the standards for HHH2018 held on 20.05.18. Conditions dry and sunny.


SuperMax Course (103-miler)


Age up to 39 years:        Gold under 5h46m / Silver under 6h55m

40-49 years:       Gold under 6h10m / Silver under 7h18m

50-59 years:       Gold under 6h32m / Silver under 7h41m

60+ years:       Gold under 6h55m / Silver under 8h04m

Finishers:               Bronze  (event limit: 8hrs 45mins)

Females:               As for the next older male category


Midi course (66.8-miler)


Age up to 39 years:        Gold under 3h44m / Silver under 4h29m

40-49 years:       Gold under 4h00m / Silver under 4h44m

50-59 years:       Gold under 4h14m / Silver under 4h59m

60+ years:       Gold under 4h29m / Silver under 5h13m

Finishers:               Bronze  (event limit: 5hrs 40mins)

Females:               As for the next older male category.