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For HHH2019, timing services will again be provided by TickTiming which uses an active timing chip system to provide real-time instant results.


Since 2014 we have been issuing DISPOSABLE CHIPS, which have proved to be both very reliable and convenient.


The timing apparatus this year will not be set up to tell whether you have covered the SuperMax route or the Midi route. The assumption will be that you havedone the route you entered for. If you change your mind during the event, and ride the "other" one, just inform the timekeeper at the Finish, who will put you in th e right results listing.


We re-iterate that you can decide which way to go at the point where the routes diverge, based on how you feel at that moment. Taking the shorter route saves you roughly 33 miles (i.e., it's 2/3rds full distance) and it misses out Watership Down, though there are still other hills ahead, most noticably after Wherwell.