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What to expect

The HHH currently bases itself at Sparsholt College near Winchester. Parking is on site at a number of car parks close to the hall in which Registration takes place. You must sign on and collect your number and timing chip.  The Start and Finish is immediately outside the hall.


The entire route is marked with arrow boards. These are yellow on black for both routes up to the point at which the routes diverge. Then, the longer route continues to be marked with yellow on black while the shorter is marked by white on red.


You will also receive at registration a printed routesheet as a fall back. Downloadable mapping data will be available via this website for bar-mounted GPS devices.


The HHH has three very well stocked feed stops (two on the shorter route. These are located at village halls on the course, and offer toilet facilities and storm shelter as well as a variety of food and energy drink. Super-fit, experienced riders often don't stop at these at all or just grab something and go. Most riders, however, take a short break.

This year, stops 1 & 2 are at the same hall.


Out on the course, expect the unexpected.  We try very hard to offer reasonable road surfaces, though these are harder than ever to find due to maintenance cutbacks and extreme weather events. There may be potholes and cracks.


The HHH course has also been designed to avoid as much traffic as possible in south-central England. Even when you think you are the only person on the road, REMAIN ALERT, as any converging drivers, motorcyclists, deer, rabbits or pheasants might not be expecting YOU.